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Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK 2022 v1.28 (Unlimited Money)

Admin, Sunday, December 19, 2021

Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK

In general, it has been observed that these simple games are actually more interesting and addictive games. Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK is one of those games. It has different features and different designs. This game is made especially for children. This game is played with great interest by children and this is the best way to keep kids busy. This is an android water game in which you have to keep the water bottles in order.

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About Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK

Water Sort Puzzle is a fantastic less storage game. it has more than One Million Plus downloads on the google play store. The first version of the Water Sort Puzzle is1.28. and the download size of this game is 16 MB. Water Sort Puzzle was first time released on Aug 27, 2021. And the name of the developer is eFunGame.

Features of Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK


Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK is one of the most popular games on the google play store. This is a simple android game that you can easily play on your mobile anytime. If you like the game of puzzles, then surely after playing this game you will remember and enjoy it every moment. All you have to do in this game is to keep the water bottles of different colors in order which are from the glass bottle.

It gives you time to complete each level. If you have completed the level on time, you are given a lot of coins with which you can buy a variety of items as you wish. The amazing thing about this game is that it is both comfortable and challenging. It is a game of both types. Playing Water Sort Puzzle APK will exercise your brain and also improve your IQ level. And yes, this game is not very difficult to play. It is one of the easiest games.


Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK has more than five different types of challenges. These are different ways to complete them. And best of all, you can complete these challenges offline without the need for an internet connection. In the game, you will place the glass bottles in order and place the bottles of the same color on one side. In Water Sort Puzzle APK and its challenges you only have to collect one color glass bottle. You are given time to complete the challenge. When you complete the challenge on time, you are given a lot of money.


There are more than forty different types of levels. And there is a different way to complete them. And here are some levels where you are given time to complete and there are some levels where you are not given time. Of course, when you complete the level quickly you will get a lot of money. As you complete one level and move to another level, you will have more difficulties in the next level than in the previous level. But it is not a difficult level that you cannot complete.

3D Graphics

Water Sort Puzzle has very beautiful graphics. Which the player seems to love at first sight. And the player tries to play this game with the best graphics for a long time. By converting this game into 3D graphics, the developer has put the best kind of changes in its which attracts the players.

Background Sound

As you know how important background music is to play any the background music of the game is not good then the player will not play this game for long. Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK is a great game and the developer used an excellent sound in it which is the best source of attraction. This game and its sound do not harm your device at all.

FAQs of Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK

Can we play Water Sort Puzzle offline?

Yes, we can easily play Water Sort Puzzle offline without any disturbance.

Is Water Sort Puzzle safe to play?

Yes, Water Sort Puzzle is 100% safe to play. It does not harm your device.

Is the Water Sort Puzzle available in the Mod version?

Yes, the Water Sort Puzzle is available in the Mod version you can easily download this game in the Mod version from our website.

Can we play this Mod version on Smartphones?

Yes, we can easily play this Mod APK version on Smartphones without any hassle.


If you enjoy playing games Puzzle, then Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK is definitely for you. This game will not let you get bored. If you have not yet downloaded this fantastic game on your mobile, then quickly visit our website OURAPKS.COM and download it. And join your friends in the exciting movement of this game.

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